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Nuclear fusion

Since 2004 SIMIC collaborates with ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor), an international nuclear fusion research megaproject aimed to build a fusion reactor using a plasma magnetic confinement (Tokamak) in Cadarache, South of France. ITER is supported by 7 countries (Europe, Japan, Korea, China, India, Russia, USA) and intends to demonstrate the scientific and technological feasibility of fusion energy aimed to find an alternative clean and environmentally friendly energy source. Thanks its experience and know-how SIMIC is a reliable partner in this challenge having already manufactured several strategic prototypes and parts for the ITER Project such as VACUUM VESSEL POLOIDAL SECTOR MODEL(VVPSM), CASSETTE BODY , DOME LINER, INNER VERTICAL TARGET & OUTER VERTICAL TARGET (ITER DIVERTOR), RADIAL PLATE PROTOTYPE & RADIAL PLATES SERIES PRODUCTION & TF COILS CONTRACT (ITER MAGNET SYSTEM).
The contribution of SIMIC to the ITER Project is one of the largest industrial contributions of the European share.

Le nostre principali referenze:
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ITER Magnet System
ITER Divertor
ITER Vacuum Vessel
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