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SIMIC is a diversified Company with a solid experience in engineering, manufacturing of critical process equipment and assembly and maintenance of industrial plants.
By virtue of continuous investment in machineries, human resources and facilities SIMIC operates in different fields offering the clients a complete series of products and services for satisfying their needs.
SIMIC S.P.A. is an international Company with operative units, site facilities and human resources in 5 countries, equipped with the latest generation numerical controlled machines and high technology processes.

Manufacturing division

Site erection & maintenance division


Workshops: 18.000 m2
Office building: 1.500 m2

Workshops: 6.000 m2
Office building: 500 m2


SIMIC's "Site Erection and Maintenance" Business Unit contributes to the energy transition process and the use of renewable energy in the construction of Enel Green Power's 3SUN "Gigafactory" of solar panels in Sicily.

Simic was selected by Enel Green Power (EGP) for the construction of the new "Gigafactory"...

SIMIC delivered eighth TF COIL ITER at Cadarache site

SIMIC is glad to announce that on May 31st, around 1 pm, the 8th TFC (TFC14) weighting 320ton, left ...

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