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In the middle of 1990's, SIMIC had the opportunity to start the first cooperation with the major European research organizations by providing cryostats and vacuum vessels.
In this field, the relationship with CERN was born and developed throughout the years giving the Company the great opportunity to be massively involved in the manufacturing of some of the most important components for the LHC project and for which in 2004 SIMIC was awarded by CERN of the Golden Hadron, for its achievements in terms of Quality and Delivery of the 937 vacuum vessels for the LHC. This was a very important milestone in the growth of the Company.
Since almost 20 years SIMIC is playing an outstanding role in the supply of cryostats and vacuum equipment for an elite group of international companies and organizations, leading parts of today's scientific research, SIMIC is at the cutting edge of Europe's projects in this field.

The items may be manufactured employing a wide range of material including Carbon Steels, Stainless Steels, Aluminium and various Alloys

Our Main References:
  • LHC Project, CERN
  • Cryostats & Vacuum Vessels
  • Cold Boxes


LHC Project, CERN
Cryostats & Vacuum Vessels
Cold Boxes
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