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The first European superconducting magnet has been shipped


The first European superconducting magnet has been shipped and reached the port of Marseil...

First Europe’s superconducting magnet is ready to confine the energy of the Sun


SIMIC, in collaboration with F4E, has completed the manufacturing of the first and biggest...

Operation Insertion accomplished on 1st TF COIL


The clock is ticking for one of the most delicate steps in the fabrication process of theI...

The Consortium SIMIC-CNIM delivers the final radial plate for Europe’s Toroidal Field coils


Europe’s final radial plate, which will house in its finely machined grooves the sup...

SIMIC in first line to manufacture the most sophisticated magnet in history!


The world’s most high-tech magnet is ready and it will be part of the equipment that...

Simic participates to Italy at CERN


From 4th to 7th April 2017, Simic will be present to Italy at CERN. The event is organized...

SIMIC conculded the production of its share of Radial Plates for the ITER TF Coils


SIMIC has completed with full customer satisfaction, Fusion For Energy, the supply of its ...

Contract Signing Ceremony with ERL - BANGLADESH


SIMIC is proud to announce to have signed a contract with ERL - Bangladesh for the Replace...

Completed with success the manufacturing of a critical process equipment weithing 1200 tons


A Methanol Converter of 1.250 Tons and a huge Waste Heat Boiler package of 1.300 Tons left...

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