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SIMIC's "Site Erection and Maintenance" Business Unit contributes to the energy transition process and the use of renewable energy in the construction of Enel Green Power's 3SUN "Gigafactory" of solar panels in Sicily.

  • 8/31/2022

Simic was selected by Enel Green Power (EGP) for the construction of the new "Gigafactory" of solar panels in Sicily, as part of the TANGO project (iTaliAN pv Giga factOry).


The contract provides for the executive design, supply and installation of metal carpentry structures and mechanical systems for the new production lines of the "Gigafactory" of photovoltaic cells with potential equal to 3GW / year within the 3SUN site in Catania.


In detail, the contract concerns the construction of metal carpentry structures and the following types of mechanical systems:

• Compressed air (CDA);

• Process Cooling water (PCW);

• Waste Water Treatment (WWT / DRAIN);

• Chilled and Hot Water (CHW, HW, CTW).


Currently 3SUN by EGP is the main Italian photovoltaic plant and one of the largest in Europe, with the TANGO project 3Sun is preparing to become the largest European factory to produce double-sided hetero-junction photovoltaic modules (B-HJT) high performance, which capture more sunlight as the cells can respond to light on both the front and back surfaces. The 3 GW factory is expected to be fully operational by the second half of 2024, after starting with the first 400 MW of capacity by 2023.


The TANGO project will promote next generation highly efficient solar technology in Europe and help reduce energy dependence on the continent.


The total investment for the construction of the 3 GW factory amounts to approximately € 600 million, of which EU funding of almost € 118 million will be added to EGP's commitment. The investment is expected to increase local direct and indirect employment, creating around 1,000 jobs by 2024, as well as serving as a catalyst for the relaunch of a photovoltaic value chain in Europe.


Simic is pleased to contribute with its "Site Erection and Maintenance" Business Unit to the realization of this important Enel Green Power project, we are in fact oriented to the development and operation of renewable energy plants (wind and solar) in Italy and in first line in the integration of innovative technologies in the same.


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