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We are producing cases for the toroidal field coils of SPARC magnets

  • 7/9/2024

SIMIC is glad to announce that the production of the toroidal field (TF) coil cases for the SPARC magnets is up and running.

✅ We are currently manufacturing the TF cases that will power a fusion tokamak from Commonwealth Fusion Systems, the world’s largest privately funded fusion energy company.

Commonwealth Fusion Systems, now building its SPARC fusion facility in Devens, Massachusetts, is taking the lead in the race for fusion energy. SIMIC is delighted to have been selected as main supplier of key components for the SPARC project.

SIMIC designed and produced dedicated welding and assembly tools that support the casing manufacturing cycle.

✅ The line is rapidly being upgraded to support a high output, series production.

A big thank to everyone on the Commonwealth Fusion Systems and SIMIC teams for the outstanding commitment, collaboration, and efforts that led us to full production, starting from scratch, in less than 9 months.

Stay tuned: an amazing group of people teamed up and will not give up until the target is fully achieved!


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