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The first Vacuum Vessel Sector with its TF Coils and Thermal Shield positioned into the Tokamak Pit at ITER site in Cadarache (France) by DYNAMIC, a SIMIC Joint Venture.

  • 5/30/2022

DYNAMIC, a consortium established between the companies SIMIC, ANSALDO NUCLEARE, ANSALDO ENERGIA, ENDEL, ORYS and LEADING METAL SOLUTIONS, has recently achieved an important milestone for the ITER project, the transfer of the first Vacuum Vessel Sector with its TF Coils and Thermal Shield into the Tokamak Pit.

SIMIC, as part of DYNAMIC Consortium, is fully committed with its staff working on site for the Mechanical Assembly of the major components of the Tokamak machine.

The project, called TAC-2, has started in 2019 and is ongoing. SIMIC is mainly involved in the mechanical preparation of the TF COILS - the ITER Superconducting Magnets - that are produced by SIMIC at Marghera workshops in Italy, delivered to ITER site and prepared with additional complex mechanical works before being assembled with the Vacuum Vessel and the Thermal shield on the SSAT tool in the Assembly Hall and then transferred into the Pit. The weight of each assembled components including their tools is more than 1.300 Tons, lifted by the huge crane installed on site having a capacity of 1.500 Tons.  

We are very proud to take part of this challenging project! 


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