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  • 7/27/2020

SIMIC Spa is proud to announce the acquisition of ETTORE ZANON’s PHYSICS BUSINESS BRANCH.


“The acquisition offers a great opportunity for SIMIC and ZANON to strengthen and expand its respective business, pursuing the strategy to lead the market, continuing to grow in the Research and Innovation field. SIMIC experience, know-how, economic and financial solidity, coupled with ZANON know-how and assets, will create important synergies to offer the customers a modern, reliable and highly specialized technical solutions”.


About SIMIC S.p.A.

SIMIC is an Italian company engaged since more than 40 years in site erection of industrial plants and manufacturing of critical components, with large facilities located in Camerana and Venice (Marghera).

SIMIC employs about 300 people, with an average turnover in excess of 120M€.

Within its Manufacturing Division, a relevant part of activities is dedicated to cryogenics and vacuum equipment as well as manufacturing of mechanical components for Big Science, Research and Fusion Energy. SIMIC has been deeply involved for the last 20 years in the LHC Project – CERN as well as in Fusion Energy and is one of the most important players in the manufacturing of complex components for the ITER project. SIMIC has been constantly investing significant resources in human capital, assets, facilities and equipment, with some of the most modern machinery, technologies and know-how available at present.


About Ettore ZANON “Physics Business Branch” (now Zanon Research & Innovation Srl)

Ettore ZANON has been working closely with the most important Research Institutes in Europe and worldwide for more than 40 years. The company has been a part of the most important Italian and foreign Research projects.

The company is highly specialized in the manufacturing of UHV (Ultra High Vacuum) components, achieving invaluable experience in specialized fields such as Cryostats and RF Cavities for superconducting and non-superconducting applications.


Our Strategy in Brief

Through this acquisition, the continuity of ETTORE ZANON’s PHYSICS Business Branch is granted, assuring our customers a smooth and solid transition.

The existing facilities, know-how and human resources of ZANON company will be maintained and reinforced with new investments with the goal to expand and strengthen our presence in the Research and Innovation market worldwide. The new constituted company is named Zanon Research & Innovation Srl.



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