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The first European superconducting magnet reached Cadarache - France

  • 4/20/2020

The transportation of the first and biggest superconducting magnet ever made in Europe ended positively and the impressive magnet has been delivered to ITER Organization at Cadarache site - France. An extraordinary result considering the restrictions imposed by Government Authority for the Covid-19 pandemic which highlights one again the strategic importance of ITER Project for the future of humanity. A project that involves Europe, Japan, the United States, Russia, China, India and South Korea in the construction of the largest experimental plant in the world with the aim of producing energy by fusion, clean energy without greenhouse gas emissions.

Simic managed to complete the fabrication steps of this very complex component and carry out the transportation of the first superconducting magnet, manufactured in Marghera workshop delivering it on time, "an important result for our company and for the entire manufacturing supply chain - says Giuseppe Ginola, SIMIC’s CEO - that gives us further enthusiasm and synergy in continuing the manufacturing of the remaining 9 magnets ". Paolo Barbero, SIMIC Project Manager adds, “The magnet just delivered to ITER Organization is the first of the ten to be made in Europe. Being able to deliver it in this difficult period, fills us of pride and pushes us to continue working with the same passion, tenacity and determination ".






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